We do not rest before we turned the world
of recruitment upside down!


We have started Search Rebels from the idea that recruitment can be different. More human, more pleasant, more enjoyable. For all parties concerned. From a broader perspective. Our Search Rebels totally support this philosophy and we won’t rest until we have revolutionised the world of recruitment. Result-oriented and also looking to the longer term, hence the attention paid to employer branding – recruitment – onboarding – further growth.

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Koen Verhoeven

Managing Director a.i.

Roel van Heeswijk

Research Consultant

Simone Dohmen

Office Manager


Recruitment solutions

We help you and your company to find the right people. And we find great organisations for people who want to move forward and grow their talent. Together we take the next step.


Consultancy is fine profession, but we just want a workable solution. In addition to attracting the right people we also know all about practical matters such as:

  • Employer branding: from strategic concept to a workingat-site
  • Talent connection: events, campaigns, inspiration meetings
  • Organising recruitment processes
  • Training hire-teams
  • The onboarding of new colleagues
  • Referral and retention

We operate online and offline. And when it comes to all those practical matters the guiding principle is to create a pleasant employee journey. So we touch on much more than just the match.

Practice session?

Want to teach your own recruiters to become a bit more rebellious? We don’t believe in dry runs. Straightaway in at the deep end and in your own practice. Give us a call and together we can devise a tailor-made approach that is perfect for you.

Our Rebels are ready for you. Do you want to know how they can help you?