• Recruitment and talent acquisition
  • Employer branding
  • Onboarding

We believe

In our fast-changing world we have to think differently. And so we must recruit differently too. The Guerillawar on Talent is in full swing. In order to continue to supply your company with talent we must rigorously change the way we recruit. Existing rules often don’t work any longer so we have to let go of the status quo.

A purpose, a big name, a fat salary or a company car? Whatever their expectations and dreams may be, what ultimately counts is that they want to join your company. What makes them tick? That’s why for us recruitment starts with you. With you WHY. Why should talent want to work for you? Why don’t they choose one of your competitors? And how do you retain them?

That’s why for us recruitment is a process. With our guidance from A to Z. Because successful recruitment is more than the sum of its parts.

Our way of working


You have a recruitment demand. Therefore we start with analysing your recruitment process. We call it ARROW. Quick, clear and it hits the bull’s eye. We work from the outside inwards. What are the strengths and weaknesses of you proposition? Where are the opportunities and threats to be found? And what do we have to do to solve your recruitment problem? Our advice will be honest and clear. Because only in this way will we quickly get the best results.


Our Rebels are no resume pushers. We believe that recruitment can and must be different. The objective is the perfect match. Therefore the route is different. And we know the way.

We don’t feel tied to existing rules. So the way we operate will probably differ from what you are used to. We choose our own route, follow different paths and pull different strings in order to find (often surprising) talent.

Finding committed talents is the starting point for us. Just like in all the other steps we do this together. Together we create a sound basis for a lasting cooperation between your company and the talent. Because you have to get to know each other through and through. Only then a proper assessment can be made to decide whether there is a match. We make sure you enter into a proper dialogue. So that both parties can end up saying: Yes, let’s do it!

Employer Branding

A strong employer branding is indispensable. Nowadays applicants have plenty of alternatives. What attracts people? A distinctive brand that you want to be part of and can grow further. There’s a lot of great stuff you can talk about …. but make sure you do. What is the essence of your organisation? How strong are you compared with regional competitors and rivals in the branch? What’s your story? Together with you and your team we look at the brand-values and translate them into practical online and offline applications.

Our working method? Always in a team where internal and external skills are made the most of. Interactive workshops, fast and with concrete results. No abstract solutions but proposals that are ready to be implemented.


Both of you said ‘yes’? Then we find it important that you face a great future together. That’s why we will help you to make the new talent feel welcome from day 1. So that he or she feels at home straightaway and can get off to a flying start.

But this is a process too. Because after the start the journey begins. Therefore we like to assess together what the development opportunities are in the current function. And what opportunities to grow you offer. In this way everyone gets as much enjoyment from the connection.

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