Become a Search Rebel


We like to work with other Search Rebels. We are always looking for talents who have earned their stripes and know how important their role as a connector is.

How to become a Search Rebel

You have your own opinion about recruitment. Which is different, broader and not standard. We find that interesting. Together we create the space and solution to produce a result for your client.

You never give up and you know how important your role as connector is. If you hit a wall we’ll always find other ways to proceed. Over the top of it, underneath it or … we just knock down that wall.

Typical characteristics of a Search Rebel? They all have these four qualities: they are robust, creative, inquisitive and result-oriented.

People like working with you and clients can rely on you. And that makes you happy. Your sharp and fresh view of the profession inspires the client. And you always go further than just recruiting. Employer branding and onboarding, you know how important they are.

About us

Our agreements are simple and crystal clear. And we really look after you. You will gain access to our network of senior consultants and our expertise. And of course… we make sure that your own talent development will move forward too. So you will feel at home and you’ll have plenty of room to grow.

During a project you work in a small team. This team knows the client like the back of their hand and they support one another in the search for talent. Because together we will succeed.


We have those too. Of course we pay well and on time. And we have some nice perks. But for you this is not what it’s all about. It’s about things like variety, personal attention and room for growth. And what’s more, we have business consultants in our network with vast experience who could learn a lot from you. And vice versa, actually.

Do you want to become a Search Rebel?