Beyond Recruitment


Our mission is very clear and works both ways. We increase the competitive strength of our clients by finding the best people and we boost your career by guiding you to the best position.


Work. It takes an awful lot of your time. So it had better be interesting, informative and enjoyable. Search Rebels helps organisations and people to make that connection. In a personal and pleasant way.


Ruthless selfish conduct. We don’t behave like that and we don’t believe in it. We fully participate in society and with much love and pleasure we also spend time and energy on organisations that temporarily find themselves without resources. But have a good story.


The name is new, the experience extensive. With a proven track record at various leading companies we are ready for action!
To make connections, to find talent and guide them to a new role and a suitable company. Our role in this is wide-ranging. First and foremost we are matchmakers. We devote a great deal of energy to this. Because a match must make both parties happy. And to make the golden connection we will go through fire and water. But it doesn’t stop there. We take care of your employer branding. Because the way the company presents itself must be appealing or they won’t attract talent.
As our name suggests, we are a bit unruly. Rebels with a cause. We know that with a ‘broader approach we’ll be better placed to help you. It’s an interaction, not a transaction. You can see and feel this.


It’s all about your company, finding and retaining the right talent. That’s why to find a good match we pull out all the stops . Do you share our wider perspective? Then we would like to work with you. If we understand each other it will be that much easier to work together.

So we would like to get thoroughly acquainted. We want to really get to know you, our client. Identify the ins and outs of the situation. To find out all about what’s most important to us: to understand and feel why people will fit in your organisation. Your corporate culture. If we understand you we will know precisely which talent will fit in. And vice versa.

This is how we help your business to grow and change. And we help you to hang on to good personnel. Not a luxury during the Guerillawar On Talent…

So let’s not waste time and focus on the crux of the matter. Do you fit in with us, and we with you? Beyond doubt? Because only if we work together can we achieve the best result.

Curious to find out if we fit in with you? And you with us?